Are you ‘Inspired by My Museum’?

Inspired logoDoes the Museum of Carpet inspire you?

An encounter with a museum can be a life-changing experience, a realisation of the past or an inspiration for the future.

Inspired by My Museum is a creative writing competition launched through a partnership between Sampad and the British Council, supported by Museums Association.

If you have a poem, short story or reportage inspired by a museum you have visited, your words could be selected for publication. It could be the space, architecture, design, an object in the museum or even the curator who has inspired you.

Any writer from anywhere in the world, aged between the ages of 16 and 35, can take part. Entries can be up to 400 words. One entry is allowed per person. Last date for entries is Monday 10th February 2014.
For info, visit the Sampad website to find out more.

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