Weaving the Town – In the Weaving Shed

A great night was had by all and our new Weaving the Town  audio drama documentaries went down a storm. They are now available to borrow when you come to visit the Museum.

Bernard Orme, Peter Leslie Wild and Caroline Jester
Bernard Orme, Peter Leslie Wild and Caroline Jester

But, what are they?

‘Weaving the Town’ has been led by local writer Caroline Jester and award winning director and producer Peter Leslie Wild. As Caroline explains “300 hundred years of history and the birth of a Museum, there are so many stories, from the weavers to the looms and the Masters to the River Stour. How do you start to find a narrative thread that weaves all these together to create dramas that resonate today? That was my challenge while immersing myself in material from the Museum and the many recorded conversations I’d had.”

Here you can listen to the first of the audios. They are best heard in the Museum, headphones on and wandering around, looking at the looms, objects and feeling the stories of all the people seeping through the walls.

The first audio is based in the weaving shed. Listen to “Spool” and “Wilton” – we believe our Spool Axminster Loom is the only one left working in the country – talking about their history, quarrelling about their time in the industry and how they came to be in the Museum.

We are very grateful to the Kidderminster Education Foundation Working Group, Arts Council England, Worcestershire County Council and the Sir Barry Jackson Trust for funding Weaving the Town.
Supported by ACE LotteryWorcs_CC_with_supported_by

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