Weaving the Town: credit where it is due!

So many people were involved in the creation of Weaving the Town.  We would really like to thank…

The Creative Team

Written by Caroline Jester
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
Sound design by Andy Partington, Swift Professional Audio
Music by Granny’s Attic 

The Actors

Dan Hagley
Sean Connolly
Lynn Cawley
Pupils from St Bartholomew’s Primary School and Baxter College

Documentary recordings from 

Charles Talbot
Jean Talbot
Melvyn Thompson
Paula Kovacs
Julie Alcorn
Janet Morgan
John Hopkins
Bernard Orme
Mark Thomas
Eric Thompson
And another gentleman named John talked about the smell of the weaving shed in drama 4.  If you have his full name, please tell us!

Finally many thanks to all the other people who were interviewed and attended workshops including the volunteers of the Museum of Carpet, Mark Garnier MP, ex carpet workers and the staff and young people from Kidderminster Youth House.

And of course, thanks to our funders: the Kidderminster Education Foundation Working Group, Arts Council England, Worcestershire County Council and the Sir Barry Jackson Trust for funding Weaving the Town.

Worcs_CC_with_supported_by Supported by ACE Lottery Barry_Jackson_logo

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