Kidderminster in historic pictures

KidderminsterHave you ever wondered what Kidderminster was like in the early years of the last century? Now you can find out!

We have a new book for sale in our shop – Kidderminster: The Second Selection by Robert Barber.  The book features old photographs and archive images that show the history of the town, through its streets, shops, pubs, and people.

Review of Robert Barber’s book Kidderminster: Images of England, which features the first selection of images and stories about the town:

‘A must for anyone with even a passing interest in Kidderminster… Robert Barber’s book provides an interesting portrait that beautifully frames the character and personality that the townsfolk have, in a way that is entertaining and educational…
This must be the perfect gift for anyone of a ‘Kiddie’ heritage.’

Published in 2002, this book is part of the Images of England series.  It is now out of print so get it before it sells out!
It’s available for £10.99 from our Museum shop.  Contact us if you want a copy!

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