Volunteer Week June 2014

Volunteers WeekAs its National Volunteers Week we asked some of our fantastic volunteers why they enjoy volunteering at the Museum of Carpet! 

“It gets me out of the house.  I meet lots of new people and have learnt to do things I have never done before.”

“I started as a volunteer because I felt the idea of a carpet museum was a good cause, commemorating a Kidderminster industry of the last 200 years. As someone who catalogues documents, I find their content interesting. It also enables me to meet people, socialise and gets me out of the house.”

“I help on the front desk, talk to visitors and have now got involved in helping with the Museum exhibits.  The benefits are that I have met lots of friendly and helpful people, learnt about local history and been encouraged to do things I have been reluctant to do in the past – like dressing up for our Museums at Night event!”

“I enjoy cataloguing the beautiful and precious designs in the collection and showing them to visitors be they groups or individuals carrying out research. The Museum’s archive has a great deal to offer students of design.  My hobby is spinning and I demonstrate the craft in the handloom area. Volunteering here has been a life line for me since I retired. You meet all age groups and feel a part of something worthwhile.”

“Although I had thought about becoming a volunteer for some time, I was finally encouraged to get involved by an old Carolian friend.  It was in at the deep end!  The Museum needed to move part of the collection and the help I was able to offer in transport came just in time. As I worked in the industry for 10 years, I plan to offer my help front of house.”

“We both worked at Brintons in the 70’s – happy times! Now we are volunteers on the front desk, where we enjoy the opportunity of meeting people from the community, visitors from all over the world as well as other volunteers. The Museum is special. It represents the history of the town – our roots. It’s important that the story is told to future generations. It feels good to be part of this, especially when we have plenty of visitors.”

“I started working as a volunteer many years ago with the Carpet Museum Trust because I felt passionately about the need to establish a new museum in Kidderminster. The former Museum, Library and Art Gallery closed in 1991 and all the collections disappeared into council storage.  Since then, this town of more than 50,000 population, known world-wide for the manufacture of high quality carpets, had no museum and no way of celebrating its unique heritage.  The whole project was driven and delivered by a great team of committed volunteers with professional advisors and at last we can present this exciting story and welcome visitors to share it.  The Museum of Carpet opened in 2012. Now, the challenge is to run a successful independent museum with two paid staff and a committed team of volunteers.”

“As a dyed in the wool carpet man, it’s in my blood. For the past 15 years the idea of and now the reality of the Museum of Carpet has been part of my life.”

Our volunteers are the absolute backbone of the Museum and we really couldn’t do it with out them!

Why not come and meet them – they’d be more than happy to show you around!