Carpet Cool! 250 Years of Kidderminster Design

The Museum of Carpet presents Carpet Cool! 250 years of Kidderminster Design, the first in a series of talks for new audiences in these new times.

Written and presented by historian Dr Anthea Harris-Fry, this talk explores Kidderminster’s trailblazing place at the forefront of design in the carpet industry.  It charts the evolution of carpets from the elaborate hand-loom patterns of the eighteenth century through the industrial revolution to the designs of the present day.

Highlighting famous designers such as William Morris, Charles Voysey and Lucienne Day and their influence on the carpet industry, the talk explores how design reflects and shapes the world around it.  It weaves a picture of the impact of industrial advances and social and economic changes over the past 250 years on design, as consumer tastes and architectural practices evolved. Harris-Fry also asks how changes in our preferences and ways of life might shape carpet design in a post-pandemic world.

Capturing the global evolution of art and design throughout the Victorian period to the swinging sixties and beyond, it centres its discussion on design in Kidderminster, the pioneering ‘carpet capital of the world’.

Available to book from 1st March 2021, this zoom talk is perfect for societies and groups with an interest in art, history, and what is under their feet!  Attendees will enjoy a richly-illustrated talk with recorded anecdotes from past and present carpet designers and the opportunity to contribute to discussion and ask questions.

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