The story of Wee Peggy and the Looms

A fun filled visit for Key Stage 1, telling the story of how carpets were made in Kidderminster through stories and song.

Meet Wee Peggy the spinning wheel and her friends Victoria and Albert the hand looms, and Spool and Wilton the power looms.  They will show you how to transform a dirty sheep’s fleece into beautiful woven carpets.  Enjoy hearing the story of Wee Peggy and the Looms, with lots of audience participation, dressing-up and singing.  Plenty of hands on activities!

I enjoyed using the loom’ William, Year 1, Cookley Sebright Primary School, Worcestershire.

I liked dressing up’ Yohan, Year 1, Holy Trinity Primary School, Kidderminster.

‘The museum is such a wonderful resource to have on your doorstep’ Miss Allardice, Year 1 Teacher, Cookley Sebright Primary School.

What are you standing on?

A fabulous visit for Key Stage 2.   Students will discover how carpets were made locally in Kidderminster and sold regionally, nationally and internationally.

Meet the Weaving Master, the Weaver and the Spinner and find out how they live.  Compare carpet weaving before and after the Industrial Revolution as you watch our power looms run.  Enjoy weaving workshops, spinning demonstrations and design your own carpet.

I loved it so much and learnt how to spin and weave.’                              

Katie V, Year 6 pupil, Abberley Hall Prep School, Worcestershire

‘Just to say a huge thank you for the fab day. One of the children told one of our lunchtime supervisors today that ‘yesterday we went on the best trip ever’!  A huge thank you to the volunteers too, they made it so real and so lovely for the children’ Y4 teacher, St Oswald’s CE School, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

What is a Museum?

A fantastic opportunity to discover how and why museums collect, store and display objects.

Take a peek behind the scenes and visit our archive store.  Search for dangerous pests in the galleries and help us protect our precious collections from them.  Find out who the most important people in the museum are through games and role play. Especially relevant to classes who are making a museum in their classroom.

‘The visit was fantastic – very informative and relevant.  Thank you.  You have gone above and beyond to give us what we needed.’   Year 3/4 Teacher, Offmore Primary School, Kidderminster

Loan Boxes for Schools

Bring lessons to life with the Museum of Carpet loans box .

A box of fascinating objects and images related to the carpet industry in Kidderminster can be borrowed by teachers for a period of two weeks. Ideal for teaching children about Kidderminster’s heritage and history in a fun and interactive fashion.

Loans boxes are £12 each + VAT.