Name Our Sheep!

Say Hello to our Museum Mascot!

sheep 2

Isn’t he just lovely?

This friendly chap stands on duty at the entrance to the museum, welcoming all our visitors as they come through the door. He’s faithfully attended his duty for the past two years, and will continue to do so for many more to come.

It’s only right then that we give him an official name, and this is where we need your help!

To celebrate this year being the Chinese Year of the Sheep, we are giving you the opportunity to choose the name for our museum mascot! Whether you choose a traditional name, or opt for something more unusual we would love to hear your suggestions! Email your ideas to us via our Contact Us page, send a Facebook message or pop it in a Tweet – we’ll compile all the suggestions and choose our favourite at the end of the month!

The person with the winning name will receive an annual pass to the museum which entitles you and a friend to visit as often as you like!

Get your thinking caps on and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!