Picture collections

Photographs from the Foley collection, showing a loom at JG Harding (left) and staff at work for Pycock & Wickett Ltd (right)

Photographs from Woodward Grosvenor Ltd. Kidderminster. Jacquard Wilton Loom (left) and Pickers at work on a Wilton carpet (right).  Click on image to enlarge.

Our collections include more than 5000 carpet designs, from significant designers including Charles Voysey, Edouard Glorget, Lucienne Day and Bernat Klein and many photographs of carpet manufacture and trade.

As well as the paper designs, we hold samples of rugs and carpets that illustrate most of the types of carpets, the different fibres and dyes, and the changing styles of design.

Some of the designs by Edouard Glorget have been digitised and are available through the Bridgeman Art Library.

If you wish to view or to reproduce any of the images in our collections, please contact us for guidance.